The Life As I See It

Who We Are?

We are around 7.6 billion people in the world and the numbers still growing, you and I are about 0% of the total amount, our planet is one of millions in the galaxy and our galaxy  is one of millions of billion out there in the all space, you and I are nothing in the all system, but at the same time every single one of us is indispensable for the system to work, we are part of the life cycle and it is our duty to do our contribution and find the purpose for what we come to life.


We choose how much we contribute and depending of that the universe will reward your actions, for example: Albert Einstein contribute to the world with the theory of relativity among other things and the universe reward him with wealth, respect from his fellows and his name written in the books of history to the end of times, fair enough.


You and I can do our job using our natural gifts, some of us are good at singing, writing, painting, etc. The point is to do what you are good at naturally. Personally I haven’t find another way of enjoying life in a daily basis, just doing what I love.


Are We Really Living?

Think about when you wake up in the morning your heart is beating and bombing blood to every corner in your body, it does it all the time 24/7, but you don’t think about it, it just happens, if stop doing it for 30 seconds life is gone.


As we don’t think about the hard work of our hearts sometimes we don’t realize that we are alive, we are so busy going to work that we don’t see that every day is a gift and actually can be the last one, then we get stress and we forget to be happy and without happiness we forget to love ourselves and without selflove we go around in life trying to please everyone doing things we don’t love, settling for what society tell is right for us, forgetting about our dreams and the things we said we was going to do when we grow up.

We believe to those who say “it is impossible” the people that chose to stay in the mediocrity, the ones who said NO to the excellence NO to the wisdom and NO to the seeking a deeper personal fulfillment.

It is time to get rid of the fears that are devastating our lives, a fuller and more interesting life is ahead.


Enjoy The Moment

Waking up in the morning and just been aware of life, feel the beat of your heart, be thank full for another day, we don’t know what is going to happen, who we going to meet, what adventures are about to come, isn’t exciting? This is not about having money or status it is about appreciating life as it is.


I live excited about the future because every day is a new adventure, every day I meet new amazing people that I never met before and probably never meet again, but I love every one of them and this is true because love is nothing else than energy that can last for a minute, hours, months, years or the all life.

So, if one day our ways cross by, and I hug you and tell you, I love you, I mean it.

Wish you a life full of happiness and good energy.


Jordan Gonzalez

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