Who I Am?




My name is Jordan Gonzalez, I was born and raised in Mexico in a very small ranch that still has no electric energy. During my childhood I always dreamed about exploring the world and all the cultures, languages and people, I have always wonder what was beyond the horizon.

Since I have memory I was always fascinated about the way other people see the world,  with this desire in my heart I moved from my little ranch to the infame city of Playa del Carmen in the paradisiac Mexican Caribe, where tourist from all over the world come and go, drink and sin with zero limitation.

Been a young boy with a wild heart and uncontrollable desire for passion I gave myself to the mercy of pleasure, I recall coming night by night, club by club seeking for wild adventures, I could not ask for more, back then I had everything I wanted, but soon that was gonna change.

I fall in love with a girl from Sweden, she taught me how to love and showed me her country, her culture and lifestyle.

I lived in Sweden for 3 years and that was the beginning of my travels in the world, I visited all Scandinavian, still amazed by their way of living, I went to Asia, a little bit of central Europe and right now (June 2020) I find myself in Montreal, together with my girlfriend who lives here in the second heart of the french speaking community in Canada, I am having a blast. I currently dedicate my time to the pursuit of excellence, I believe that wild dreams do come true, because I am actually living one.

I am extremely excited about the future and all the adventures to come, to me and to us as humanity, I am also excited about sharing my thoughts, my life, and adventures with you, I really hope to connect with people like myself who dare to dream the impossible, but more than that, the ones who dare to do everything it takes to make those dreams come true.

UPDATE: Now 29/10/2020 I am living in Mexico working on my new company www.7maressoluciones.mx and yes I am trying to change the world.

Big hugs and a lot of love.


Jordan Gonzalez