The current world and its troubles

As I write this, most of the population have got some type of vaccine against COVID some even got 3 shots (Very hard to make sense of that), anyway, this is enough to think that very soon everything will go back to normal. It is been without doubt the most profitable pandemic of all times. Thanks a lot! capitalism.

Theres is where I think capitalism urgently need a touch of humanity, I am making clear that I don’t have any judgement for the way any man does his living, and CEOs, entrepreneurs and shareholders have all the right to demand growth and outstanding result from the companies they do business with.

But honestly this have gone to far.

At the beginning of the pandemic we all witness the stratospheric growth in tech revenue what makes me think that they knew what was coming, even better they are the ones who implemented such business, and they are not alone. It is not hard to predict that by locking everyone in, people will do nothing else than surf online, which clearly benefit tech and since all the information flowing around are heavily controlled by them, it makes this game easy to win.

Next comes the government as a greatly needed savior who only need it the perfect excuse to print and borrow stratosferic amount of money, firstable to fill the holes caused by obiosly corruption, then using it as a political weapon sending checks to every single individual, who in the future has to pay back because the international monetary fund does not borrow for free.

There were other countries who borrow but don’t send any check but they keep the money, God knows for what.

And others who don’t wish to borrow given the high interest of paying back, or because they don’t need but are forced to do so, otherwise they are suddenly attacked and demonized by the media.

And finally the one who print it, home to almost every tech behemoth, trillions and trillions printed out off thin air and I still wondering why we aint all rich yet.

At this point tech are rich and clearly the government as well, what makes me think that they also knew about it, even worst they were agree and helped to implement the covid 19 business.

But is not all, the main benefactor, greatest government lobbyist and biggest advocates of modern pandemics, its big pharma, I must say I saw this coming, after the rise of tech stocks it was clear to me that the next industry was gonna be the pharmaceuticals, but because of lack of capital or convincement I didn’t make any move that could proof profitable for me, and yes I want to profit as well and who can judge me?

Anyway what I am trying to say is this: because of the pandemic, tech are richer and powerful, the governments are richer and much more powerful (more control) and pharma of course they are the biggest winners.

So now in order to understand who is behind everything one just have to look for the ones who benefits the most out of the situation and it’s very clear it is not the common people.

And it is true, money its being the driving force behind covid 19, since capitalist legally allows you to do anything in the seek of profit and there is exactly where it should be a limit.

But I am keeping my faith in mankind and I will believe that men lost control and got consumed by greed, one of the capital sin of humankind but as big as it is, it is not unforgivable, Jesus Christ said once » There is forgiveness for those who seek the light».

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