still better laying in the arena than standing sidelines

Hollow words and emptiness surround my world from time to time, sometimes I wonder if the fights is worthed, King Salomon makes a lot of sense when he says «the day of the death is better than the day of the nacimiento». However, I have embarked on. journey where the only end is nothing less than the stars, being so, there is little room for low emotions and human conditions, Sometimes I sin and judge myself too hard. But who I am to to understand the depths of life and real wisdom ? Certainly I don’t know the way, but I am sure that we are not born to stand still, we are not born to watch the days passing by until the strength of life start to fall and hope goes further till there’s no more. WE ARE BORN TO TO BE INVINCIBLE, we are born to fly along with angels, But we become so very disconnected from the natural world until we lose ourselves and fall apart from light, then mistakes arrive one after another as we forget that all is about you, life happens for you, and there’s pleasure in living it, BUT yes there is also pain, disappointments and injustice.


Never give up, quitters never win, whenever you feel like quitting, KEEP GOING it may be there where lays the golden land, the land where is unlimited possibilities. F**K fear, I am saying the universe is generous, it has unlimited resources for every single soul who dare to ask.

Our souls knows no limit, our body does, so if we strive for higher consciousness, I tell you, we can reach immortality, if we do it with faith and love, HUMANS! we are capable of anything, LOOK how far have we came, it is unbelievable. But nothing of this could have happen if we give up.

So don’t give up to that dream, don’t give up to that project, if is necessary dream higher, relax and let your imagination do the work, Let’s keep in mind «The sky’s the limit» and since the sky has no limit, so we don’t.

May courage follow along the way

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