missing the times before covid

I am in my bed about to sleep and can’t stop thinking about how things have changed during this last year, I am a person who likes to plan the years ahead, general plans like, my next travel destination, next language or giving the last touches to my master plan of conquering the world, but since COVID arrive I got a little lost, mostly because I dont know whats gonna happen next week, next month or next year, is ugly isn’t it?

When COVID was announced and everybody was freaking out, I had great plans but those plans had nothing to do with staying at home in an obligatoire way, so I had to adapt to this new way of living, I thought to myself oh «this gonna be cool and easy» BUT NO! I can’t hold myself inside too long, I get crazy like a lion in a cell and I am sure is like that for everybody unless is winter or you hate humans.

I don’t know how is for you, but I start to really miss the old ways, I think is time to accept reality and live as we suppose to live, in a free world with the right to hangout with each other, building real connection, not just in the internet thats so boring. BUT there is a lot to take and there is a price to pay, I know is cruel and many people can think it is not human but that’s ok. Because frankly I don’t see any other way.

What I think we should do….

I think we know a lot of this virus by now and we understand how it works, so those peoples with high risk should be at home, everybody who feels that can die should be at home, and the rest can go back to their normal life, by being old and sick the only destination forward is death, with COVID or with out, I have to say it. Don’t you think is reasonable idea? If you worry about not seeing your grandma for a while don’t worry, you will not see her anyway if she catch COVID, I hear the hospital isolate them and give you back their ashes, now that is cruel.


This is what I can never understand, you can not force people to go inside in order to save their lives, because not everybody is dying, at this point you should only force to be inside the ones who are at high risk and I am sure they will understand.

There is already two waves, so is two opportunities for learning and improving our way of fighting this virus, but what we see is just politicians and so called health expert fighting with the same weapons over and over again, same measures, same protocols and same fear or even more.

We also have learned that if your immune system is strong enough the possibilities of catching any viral infection is really low, but I haven’t seen nobody promoting better health habits.

Eating healthier! the only path

There is a balance in the PH of our body, its called acid-base balance, if we eat enough greens for every non-green food we keep a balance that allows the body to build up strong defences against mostly every disease, it doesn’t mean you will not catch any, its mean that it will not be a big deal if it happen. But nobody is talking about it, not even the doctor who is representing the WHO (world health organization) he goes around scarring everybody out saying, «be careful this thing can kill you» «Hey Mexico take the thing serious» But we do take it serious we just don’t want to go crazy.

I think it should be a massive world campaign promoting and informing about better health habits, because honestly regarding this virus is all about to be healthy and have an strong immune system, that is why not many young people die because they are stronger.

But the only thing they do is scare people out and nobody but nobody attack the problem from the roots, if they do so we could see at least less mcdonalds, but is actually the opposite.

Anyway this is just what I think, I hope we really figure out how to win over this virus and I hope we do it fast I really miss going to the disco but what I really miss the most is to be free.

Thank you

Jordan Gonzalez

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