My THOUGHTS about our the world we live in now

I write this lines as I watch people passing by while sitting in my favorite coffee shop in the paradisiac town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, I can’t stop wondering how is that we arrive here, not long ago last year I was in the city of montreal experiencing one of the greatest health disrupt of my lifetime and still have not finish today, I see people wearing face mask looking suspicious to each other, the government say is the new normality, but to me is one of the most successful attempts to undermine our personal freedom, I am not saying that the sickness is not real or that it was created intentionally, all am saying is that maybe we have failed to handle it and in many instance governments or powerful institution have used to penetrate more in our personal lives looking for maximizing profits or gaining power.


I remember the times when traveling wasn’t an issue you only had to work, save up and buy a fly ticket, things are different now, almost everywhere in the world you can not work and buying a plane ticket is almost impossible, beside having to be tested before getting into a plane, if you are lucky. Most countries are closed to tourist now, this is what bothers me the most, and I ask myself Is all this drama necessary? Don’t get me wrong, I am up for taking care of each other, is just that I don’t like drama and I deeply believe that we can handle this sickness without going into crazy lockdowns and travel restrictions. Look around, the percentage of people who really die are very low and most of them are in the late stage of life with other terminal disease, Don’t you think we are overreacting?.

I strongly support the position of not closing down the economy and taking care of each other as civilized people, I think we have the ability to think by ourselves and do not act under fear, we can also stand straight and do not forget who we are, what we believe in and what kind of world we want our kids to live in the future.


I take the freedom to give my opinion given the unbelievable poor handling of this pandemic, mostly from those who decide how things will be done, it seems to me that no matter what they do, crazy lockdowns, obligatory facemask and ridiculous social distancing, THEY HAVE NOT FIX ANYTHINGCan you believe that?, cases are going up like never before, and not to mention the incredible uselessness of testing, did you see what happen to Elon Musk? He tested himself 4 times in the same day, the test were from the same type and from the same company, and you know what happen? 2 were positive and 2 were negative, can you believe that? it’s incredible, we can not afford to not have effective testing.

So policy makers, get together a great team of people who really understand what’s going on and also understand human nature and all what’s come with, don’t just copy what others countries do, that’s the most stupid thing to do, Don’t we know that we are different in character, genetic and everything else? Because judging by the result it looks like you guys don’t even take in consideration third level consequences, what is really sad given the time we live in and the technology we have, we all know how deep into our lives tec has come and with all this data is incredible we still haven’t win over this disease, I think is a disgrace for the world. There is the budget, there is the knowledge and there is all this genius people who can always find a way to fix things, let’s get to work and make things happen, we could have already destroy this sickness since long ago, but no, still out there and still growing.

I strongly encourage you to put out you thoughts and participate, I really appreciate if you take the time to discuss this matter with me and give your opinion.

Thanks for reading me and see you in the comments

Jordan Gonzalez

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