my journey to find the right path in life

Today I speak to you with my heart and I humbleling hope my words find their way to yours.

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I want to share my thoughts on a subject I consider so important in the course of our existence, and that is finding What we want in life? while others have it all figured out since born time I am in the ones that have to struggle with everything, I have gone from dream to dream from astronaut to rockstar, hacker, president and so on, yes I desire big things.

But been a kid nobody tell you what you are alive for all you hear is what kind of work fit you best, the funny thing is that nobody know what best for you since we are all different. Growing up happen to me as I watch myself losing interest for dreams I once thought were everything to me until I ask myself some magic questions Who I am? What set my heart on fire? and What is the purpose of my existence?, it was in this questions where I found liberation from mimicking the wrong influences and following inexistent paths.

I want to disclose my process into steps making it more simple to understand, and I would also point out that since what I don’t know is far more of what I know, I want you to enrol your mind in the process and together find out what is true.

Firstable look at yourself with honesty and acceptance then ask yourself…

Who I am? (not a simple question)

What are my naturals gifts?

What makes me smile?

What makes me sad?

What set my heart on fire?

Believe me those are beautiful things to know, analyze yourself with zero tolerance of external opinions (Tv, friends, parents mostly) honesty is a most! write them down and reflect on from now and then, remember getting to know yourself sometimes is a lifetime journey.

Then ask yourself What is your purpose in life? this could be as simple as «help to make the world a better place» but don’t forget it, take it as a life motto, because purpose is our guiding principle and highest priority.

So now having an idea of who you are and what purpose you have it is time for a bigger question.

What you want?

And now don’t be shy, if your heart is holding a wild dream, take it out (breath in, breath out) set the bar as highest your free heart feels for, let go of limitation they are an unnecessary bad for mankind, once you reflect on all these questions, clarity of mind will come to you and so the power to answer other down to earth questions like:

What you wanna do for a living?

What you want to look like?

Who you wanna date? how hot you want your date to be?

Where you want to live?

Write them down, analyze them day after day feel free to add, eliminate or add again and I promise that clarity of mind will come to you as the day find the nigth at dawn.

Once you have an idea, take your natural gifts, knowledge, all you have and make a plan write it down and everyday do something about it.

Now remember failure is a most it happens all the time, but you know what that’s OK, it is what help us to grow.

While my journey may differ from yours I assure you it will be times when you would like to stop, failure, pain, critics, haters and so on. but that’s nothing else than the natural course of life and by knowing it will bring you peace.

Finally I want to tell you… in those black moments of pain when you need power to survive don’t look for in the external things, it is much better to look inside because all you need is already within you and that my friend, that is FREEDOM.

Thank you for passing by, see you next time


Jordan Gonzalez

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