Charlevoix east (QUEBEC)


This post is a continuation of the road trip I did around Quebec (in the region of Charlevoix) couple weeks ago, we visited different little towns and natural landscapes, given the beauty and uniqueness they hold, each of them deserve a post in their own, now I bring to you some of them, I hope you enjoy.


La Malbaie is a town located in region of Charlevoix-East, at around 142 km from Quebec city. It is widely know because in 2018 the G7 summit was hosted here by prime minister Justin Trudeau. The event took place in the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu hotel, originally built in 1899, a real treasure of architecture.

Le Manoir Richelieu hotel

The view here is of the river Saint-Laurent, it is actually one of the best view I have seen in Canada, in the side there is a casino that is currently close due to the Cod-19 outbreak (what a times we live), Anyway the town was full of brave tourist who took the road and care little less of the pandemic.


Is a village in Quebec, Canada, at the confluence of the Saguenay and Saint Laurent Rivers The indigenous  people Innu, called the place Totouskak what means «bosom», probably because there is two round and sandy hills located on the west side of the village.

The reason we drove to this place was to see the famous wales that are hanging out in the little gulf every summer, but it was a rainy day, and we did not see any of them, they were probably sleeping, or who knows. Even the picture missed the sunlight. But anyway, life is to enjoy as it comes.

Hotel de Tadousac

Titanic de Tadoussac

Right, going trough the mountains and getting in to the village one must cross the river, where they have built the ferry and they called «TITANIC DU TADOUSSAC» What a name, it transport a lot of cars at the same time, and for my eyes it is a great work of engineering

I am forever grateful to life for the opportunity of exploring this part of the world, without doubt life is an adventure that ends only in the grave or when we decide to settle for the ordinary.

Photos by: Sophie Senecal

Instagram: @sophie.s.photographie

Thank you for passing by…

With love Jordan Gonzalez.

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