baie-saint-paul de charlevoix (quebec)

BAIE-SAINT-PAUL small town! In is a small city in the province of Quebec, Canada on the northern shore of the Saint-Laurent River, it is widely known by its arts galleries, shops and restaurants. It takes approximately 3 hours and a half from Montreal city, the road is decorated with breathtaking views of mountains, forest and wildlife.

We properly enjoyed our time here, we ate good, drink good and took some cool photos, I hope you enjoy.

Town church

This is the main street of the town, there are a lot of restaurants with cool big terraces, art galleries, and also cute little ice cream shops, they have a variety of local flavours sooo delicious, just the right combination for a sunset long walks.

La Baie Saint-Paul

The bay of Saint-Paul is the main and only beach of the town, and like any other in the riviera of Saint-Laurent river, this place is known for the exotic way the tide behave during the day. In the morning there is long long beach and around 5 pm the tides come out and the beach disappear. I watched this phenomenon really close, a beautiful wonder of nature.

Butterflies hanging out.


This bridge is all made from woods and is the last one in its kind, it is located in the mountains beside the little village called Saint-Placide-de-Charlevoix.

There are no words to describe with accuracy the beauty and conservation of nature in this part of the world, the forest and river keep their original power that makes it perfect for the living of wildlife and mankind.

Summertime delight us with nice temperatures, cool rainbows and wild berries in the forest, so far it is my favourite season.

Little cute lake
A full strong rainbow, popular on hot summer days

This place is a most if you are around Quebec, the roads are beautiful and well conserved, perfect for long road trips.

Thank you for checking out.

Jordan Gonzalez

All photos by: © Sophie Senecal

Instagram: @sophie.s.photographie

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