Quebec Countryside

The place where the sky feels closer

La Petite-Rivière-Saint-Françouis, Quebec. It is a little town located 350 km north east of Montreal, to get there one most drive trough the mountains in the side of Saint-Laurent river, a beautiful view all the way long.

The empty land visible in this pictures are cover of water in the afternoon and sandy-rocky beach during the day, the tide goes up and down in sync to the moon rotation, how amazing is that hehe. We did not have the chance to see the phenomenon happen in this particular place, but we did see it happen somewhere else in a town worthy of a new all post, so stay tuned.

Anyway, I think looking at wonders of the world in pictures does not compare with the pleasure of looking at them in the exact place with your own eyes, but in my photos I hope to bring you a little test and motivation to travel and to appreciate nature as wonderful as it is.

These botes are waiting for the tide to go up so they can go back to sail.

This place looks like taken out of a movie, so cute little park beside an exotic beach and couple of kids playing around, this is what shows what is like to be in a real country side in Quebec.

There are not many people living here, but it looks like the ones that do live here, have it real good.

For to be a place far away from the big cities the infrastructure is impeccable, they have their own big church, beautiful morning views and tranquility every day. I do think that this is quality of life.

I spend my days wondering where to go next, yes I am a wanderer. I like to find myself in rare places where no one knows me, where people does not speak the same language, where the air I breathe smell different, there is where I feed my spirit with the right dose of adventure and so the satisfaction of being a live fulfill my soul.

Than you

Jordan Gonzalez

All photos by: Sophie.s.photograpie

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