The Power Of Traveling

Welcome Back

There is been long time since I wrote my last post, I have been focusing a lot in my poetry,  that I let so little time for my blog.

There is a lot of things to talk about; as I get older I understand life more and more. And there is a subject that is been going on in my mind for couple of days and today I want to take it out, and that is the power of traveling, the influence that has in our mind where our decision making process take place.

The Magic Of Traveling

It seems to me that, since the first time I got out of my country my life have never been the same again. I come from a place where traveling is out of the question, and growing up in that environment, traveling was never easy or better said impossible, but I been very fortunate and I got the opportunity to do it and that has change my life, in a way I could never imagine.

There is something especial in looking life from different eyes in different countries, most people travel for short period of time, just enough to see what a tourist eye can see, but if you look deeper at the daily life of the locals, their language, their food and their way of living, there is where you find magic. A magic that is hard to express with words, but judging for the actions, it is what make a tourist come back and never stop traveling, there is different for everyone but the result is always the same, that´s why the traveling industry has grow exponentially and still does.


Personally I am really interested in the way a country is ruled, where their traditions comes from, what is the political ideology that make the situation as it is, I think is a lot to learn from that, as the saying goes we are what we know, so the more we know the more we can be and do.

I been traveling to countries that are extremely different than mine and to each other. This is the most rewarding  experience of my life, I learned that travel can improve my education exponentially, and that drives my life to better outcomes, like wisdom, wealth and pleasures.


I wish everyone had the opportunity to travel and look deeper  in the lifestyle of different cultures, not just in all inclusive resort where the alcohol make you forget the little knowledge one could get in a place like that.

Thank you for passing by, I will be posting more often about my trips and my philosophical views, so stay tuned.

With love…

Jordan Gonzalez


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