How To Be A Superior Man

The World We Have To Live In

In the world where we live is hard to keep track of what is good or bad. Given this situation we are expose to ruin our lives in the seek of our dreams, let me explain.. the way I see it happiness is the ultimate goal. But, what happen, if you spend your all life or part of it chancing your dreams and you find yourself that every step you take, your life get better but not happier, I have feel this myself, and I had talk to a lot of people who feel the same, and look around! every time, I see to many sad faces with beautiful clothes.

So what are we doing wrong ?

I am a very positive person , but that doesn’t mean I do not see the sad part of life, that´s why I worry about what kind of world is waiting for us, and am afraid nobody realize whats going on.

That´s why I want to share my thoughts of what I think is wrong with our generation, based on my little life experience and in the knowledge every beautiful soul have shared with me.

Money Obsession

In life there are many reason that take away our happiness, I think money is the biggest one for most of the people, that´s why I focus in this matter.

Don´t get me wrong, I also like getting money. What I think is wrong is that we give all, our life, our love, our energy and the power of the spirit to get money, when we should give all that in the seek of happiness.

It is very simple, take away the need of money-success for a moment and focus in RIGHT NOW, the life passing by, the air trough your lungs, the sing of the bird and the beautiful girl in the other side of the street! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!. Now I wish this moment stay forever, just like that, with that smile in my face. But it goes away. Casanova new about this when he said «I just look for a moment that stay forever».

So, our happiness  depends of our ability to enjoy the moment, to see the good in every situation and with practice this work very well, of course there are situations where you don´t see anything good, like is no reason to be happy, but guess what! move away, free your spirit, and if even that is not possible just wait until tomorrow, it will be another day and the sun will shine brighter, this is hope.

So What Is Like To Be A Superior Man?

A superior man is not the man who is over his fellow brothers, it is not a man who looks down to others, not even the man who knows the women mind and get as much as possible, this is far away from that. A superior man is the one who control his own demons and fight, not to show that he is right all the time, he fights to find out what is true and wish with the hearth to do what is right, the superior man has chosen kindness over all vanities, because he knows that nothing of the all materialistic world worth more that the beautiful human creation and the fragile existence called life.

And finally the superior man understand the value of money, and see it as means to an end greater than himself, a means to reach his mission at the higher level, and this my dear friend, this is power, power to light the way of all struggling souls that wish to find peace and hope in the world that we had to live. After all the soul is whats matter.

Than you for passing by… I hope you all find what you are looking for.

With love…

Jordan Gonzalez


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