A Week In The Jungle


There is a place very far away from the civilization, right in the middle of the jungle close to the Guatemala border, it is not electricity, no phones nothing, just a few jungle people living there, it is like going back to the stone age. So there is where I spent a week and I bring you some pictures of it.

The Way In

This is the road we took in a motorbike, we drove around 3 hours up and up, nobody is there except for the monkeys that trow woods when they see you.




Where I Slept

This little house was my home for a week, I slept in the hamac every night, I woke up every day at 4 am because I couldn’t handle the cold morning and the monkeys that never stop screaming, then I put my fire so I get warm.


This is how I cook my coffee!




Eat Fish Everyday

There is  lake so there I got good fish and eat that everyday mostly grilled, couple of times made soup. I ate to much fish that my sweat smell fish 3 days after I go away from there.





I shower in that lake everyday, the water is not that clean, but it doesn’t kill you so is alright.



Free From Everything

There is no phone signal, so the first day  I freak out, I realize that I am slave of the internet and all that shit, in the beginning nothing was fun because  I missed to much to be connected, but then little by little I start to get free and enjoy my time, it was like breaking my changes that hold me from enjoying the real life.

I am very sad and  worry about this generation, I dont know what would we do without our cellphones, seems like we have forgotten that life happen outside social media. Anyway something  to think about it .

Thank you for passing by! I hope love and fortune follow your sweet and incredible life.

With Love…. Jordan Gonzalez



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