The Art Of Self Love

What Self Love Is?

Self love is where all begins, with out it, we are not going so far, after researching and thinking, I want to share some of my thoughts with you, at the end you will understand the importance of self love and how it helps to maximize results and reach your full potential.

Of all different ways of love, self-love its or should be the most valuable in the conscience of everyone.


I been doing deep thinking and research about a way to measure all kinds of love, and I found that, personally the family-blood love it’s the strongest, because, if I put in my mind a situation when I must choose between some of my blood-family and myself, I always will choose them to leave myself behind without doubt, even if that means to die. For this love I haven’t find limits, because doesn’t exist, and for me this love is the most important.

Arrogance Is Not Sexy

Now self love, it is the next important kind of love from my humble point of view, but how much should we love ourselves? without crossing the line of arrogance and selfishness?

We start by the definition of arrogance according to the dictionary:

“it is an attitude that refers to the excessive pride of a person of himself, which leads him to believe and demand more privileges to which he is entitled.”

We get what we deserve and nothing in this world that worth having, comes for free, it is our duty be aware of what we deserve, according to our contribution, if we keep that in mind I think we can escape from arrogance that’s not attractive at all.

Now let’s talk about selfishness.

“It refers to the excessive and immoderate love that a person feels about himself and that makes him pay disproportionate attention to his own interest.”

The issue here is that we are selfish by nature and according to Charles Darwin in his book “the selfish gene” Selfishness its necessary for the survival of our specie, in somehow been moderate selfish is good.


So, I have get to the conclusion that we should not worry about been selfish, if we are very careful of the consequences of our actions. While I reach a new level of self love I realize that giving, is one of the things that give the most pleasure in life, doesn’t matter what it is, a smile, a hug, orgasm, money, love, etc. And, since giving can be the opposite of selfishness, having high self-esteem, help to get away from been selfish immoderate.

The Problem Of The Century

But is not crossing the line of arrogance that we should worry about, staying under the line is what I think is a problem now days.

I see myself as the most beautiful God creation, a unique specimen with Prometheus genes, able to conquer anything in this world, I understand this affirmation can be interpreted as arrogance, but is not, the fact that I understand my value, makes me free of others opinion and open the creative part of my brain, that let me think better and face with confidence new challenges, in my job, business and understanding life. But most important, it let me appreciate everyone else as the most beautiful God creation, with unique gifts and wonderful souls. As the conventional wisdom teach us, “you can not love anyone if you don’t love yourself”.


How To Master Self Love

I consider self love as an art, because we live in a world with a lot of distractions that make us focus in the outside, when it is the inside that matter the most, due to this situation it takes time and courage to master self love, and for me self love is the first and most important step in the journey to reach my goals and get the lifestyle that fit my ambitions.


Here is some advice that help me and have help others to get a more positive life, multiply the happy moments and take away the unhappy ones.

Read, read every day, and am not saying this because I want you to read my blog, read everything, is amazing how much we can learn from reading and surprising how much we lose if we don’t.

Work out, at least 3 times a week, this help to liberate the stress, get energy, feel good and look good.

Eat healthy, we are what we eat, having a balanced diet keep the body awake, fit and healthy, plus we live longer.

And most important, do something for free, help old people, teach something you are good at, support your parents economically, if they don’t need the money send it to me, just kidding. The feeling you get when you give something is priceless.

I hope the fortune come to all of us, the ones we have meet and the ones to come, hope we all get the life we are looking for.

Hugs and love…

Jordan Gonzalez


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