A Day In The Finland Country Side

Finland was the last  Nordic country to visit, now I can say I have conquer Scandinavia. I am lucky to have a finish friend who took me to the country side. I grow up in a little ranch, so I like to get out from the city and  enjoy the nature and the company of animals.



While getting there you can see how the big buildings and houses disappear, and you only see a couple of houses far away and a tractor parked outside, and when you start to walk around everyone say hello to you, that is surprising, because in the city there are many people and never ever someone you don´t know, say hello.


Horse Time

It was a beautiful day, sunshine and a lot of snow, a real pleasure for my eyes. We get there only for to ride my friend horse, a beautiful beast that loves to eat, super smart and really friendly.




It seems like he likes me, we talk and walk in the forest, a real amazing experience, since it´s been a long time I haven´t ride a horse. When I was a little boy in the ranch, I use do ride a lot almost every day, so I have miss that.



Horses are amazing animals, they understand everything you say to them, they also feel you perfectly, they can feel if you are nervous or afraid, and they will mess with you and test you if you worth riding them or not.


The  Little Pony’s

This are super cute creatures, when you see one, you only wanna play and cuddle with them, that is what I wanted to do with one of them, but I went to the wrong one, she is special, she show her beautiful face, and come to you like she want to play, but when she is close enough she attack, and that is what she did to me, she tried to bite me and make me run around.






It Was A Great Day

Sometimes I find myself in places I never ever imagine to be in, doing cool things and meting amazing people, then I realize how good life is and how blessed I am to be alive, there is when it grows a warm energy that full my body and connect my spirit to reality, the combination of all the positive emotions like gratefulness, and a deep understanding of life, give pleasure to my hearth. And that, my friend, is what I call HAPPINESS.


With Love….

Jordan Gonzalez



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