The Beautiful Stockholm

Venice Of The North

Stockholm is been nicknamed the Venice of the north, or the Venice of Scandinavia, because of its canals and similarity to the Venice in Italy, for me in the most beautiful  city I ever been, impress me the old architecture, its give me a feeling of power and the impression that big things happen there.

The bridge to old town






Stockholm is the most populous city in the Nordic countries, around one million people live in the municipality and 2,3 million in the metropolitan area. It is the capital of Sweden and host big international events like novel  prize annual ceremony in the Stockholm concert hall and Stockholm city hall.

Stockholm, Royal Castle
Gröna Lund


Tourist Place

Stockholm is a busy place, there is tourist all the time and that is really fun, it is a lot of museums, bars, cafe shops and many interesting places to see and take pictures.



Cool street

Old Town

Old town is  my favorite place, there is the Royal castle and many old buildings, it looks like a place take it out from the old books of history.


Old town
Best point in the city

Dream City

When I was a little kid I look at the geography books in the school, and found Stockholm, I thought it was the most exotic place I could ever see in my life time. So I promise myself one day I will travel there and see it with my own eyes, now I have been there multiple times and I never get bored of it.



Thank you for passing by and I hope you enjoy the pictures…


Jordan Gonzalez

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