Sublime Mujer (International women´s day)

Especial Edition

Dedicated to my beautiful mother, my two little sisters and to all the women who have enriched my life with love, pleasure and madness.


It is not words in any human language that can describe exactly what a woman represents for humanity, starting with my mother that with love and pain bring me, to existence, she took me 9 months in her maternal belly, she breastfed me, raised me and teach me the way of life, I was and I will be her adoration until the end of our times.

The same is for all of us, in Africa, Asia, Europe, and in all corners of earth, that’s why without question, those beautiful beings deserve our respect.

I have two younger sisters that are not so little anymore, but in my calendar, they never grow up, they will always be my little sisters and I give my life for them.

They Change The World

Trought history the women have play a role in every big event in the world, if we look at Eva when she took the forbidden fruit, taking the human, from immortality to mortality. I don’t know if we should blame her or be grateful to her, because I still don’t understand the logic of the history.

Adan and Eva

They have also cause the falling of biggest empires like when Paris the young prince of Troy fall in love with the most beautiful Helena and took her from her husband Menelao king of Sparta, this act causes the biggest war in that time, ending with the powerful Troy under stones.

Helena from Troy

Other ones have influence and change the course of the history like Cleopatra, with her love affairs with Julio Cesar and Marco Antonio made her one of the most powerful sovereigns of antiquity. The mother Teresa, Frida Kahlo, princes Diana and many others.


In our times I have personal admiration to Angela Merkel the German chancellor, she has been voted by Forbes magazine most powerful woman of the world, eight times. I am not a politician and I am not planning to be one, but I admire her personality and the way she has make it to the top, in a political elite dominate by man.

Angela Merkel

The Reason Of Been

After all the life of man is motivated by the desire to be with a woman, if we think about it, there is no other reason that can drive man ambitions, just the feeling of protection to the most beautiful being.

So, if one day Zeus get mad with men and decide to take women away from us, we will go and break the doors of Olympus, and with the help of Aphrodite we bring them back to earth. Every single one.


In honor to the international women´s day, I wrote a little poem, it is my present.


First Kiss

I was nine years old that warm summer night, she was there.

She took my hands and lead me to the back of that old tractor.

She kissed me again and again…  I felt like losing my air.

The nectar of love paralyzes me, I felt like I needed a doctor.

She said… I like you, I will show you the way.

That strange energy runs through my body.

And then was the time I knew I was not gay.


With love…

Jordan Gonzalez

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