A Life Without Dreams Is Not Life

Since  we open our eyes for first time when we come out from our mamas belly we want something, we always go after something, the inside force that make our desires in that age are hunger and pain once we grow up we start feeling sexual desires that drives us crazy in the teenager times, then come the times when we feel the need of been with someone special and share the craziness and fire that hide inside our heart.

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At the same time, it grows the need of been someone and contribute to our society. There is when our ambitions and dreams appear, sometimes we think we want to do or be something but then we realize that is not what we really want, and we start another passion until we find the real one, that passion that put our hearth on fire.


Chill Hood Dreams

When I was a little kid I always wanted to be a rock star so I start dressing like them and painting  my eyes black then I got boring and wanted to be an astronaut, read a lot of books of science and astronomy, but I saw how long time astronauts spend away from earth and I didn’t want to be one of them, I love been on earth even do I still want to go to the moon, the point is, while I grow up and learn about life my dreams and desire has change and still changing and will probably change until the day I die, but that’s the point of living, do everything that comes to your head with no limitation. For each dream that come true three more are born.


Dreams That Change The World

During history we have seen great leaders that with their dreams have made the world as we know it today.

John F. Kennedy the charismatic american president dreamed about a world without racial discrimination and 100 years later racial problems are about to disappear.

Others like Pancho Villa the Mexican liberator he dream with equality in the rights of the Mexican farmers, that take him to declare war on the Unites State. Or a man like Lee Kuan Yew the Singapore primer minister that take his country in a transition from the third world to first world with a high-class citizenship in a single generation, this people had their foot on the ground and understand the meaning of life and believe that the world can be a better place if we forget about our differences and do our contribution as a all. What am trying to say is that dreams come in different size, if this people had this kind of dreams and they have made them become real… then everything is possible as John Lennon say “You may say am a dreamer but am not the only one, I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one.

Pancho Villa in war


Never To Late To Set A New Dream

«Everything you can imagine is real» Pablo Picasso

For me is been really hard to find out my path in life and am still looking, sometimes I feel lonely in my journey I think that’s  the price I have to pay for having such a big goals, people often don’t have big dreams everyone is looking for normal things, normal career, normal life nothing outside the box, that’s why my hearth get warm when I meet someone who dares to dream as big as their imagination and have the courage to make a plan and hustle, get it or die trying.



The Universe Is Your Partner

When hard times come and feels like giving up I think about the love of my mother and her daily prayers for me to heaven. Whether you believe in God or not, many times I entrusted myself to the mercy of God, people who say that prayers are useless don’t know what they are missing, in my own experience I know that after I prayed to God I was stronger than ever, it can be that the force comes directly from God or from the trust that is in him.


Do It With Love

Love is the motor of life, nothing is possible without  love, I am a lucky guy, I grow up with an amazing family and we love each other from here to the stars, everything I go after is for to make my loved ones proud, family, friends and the lady´s, with out women man are nothing, the happiest moments of my life is been in the side of a lady.


«In life there are only 4 important questions: what is sacred? what the spirit is made of? What is worth living? and What it is worth dying? and the only answer is LOVE »

The libertine


Again thank you for passing by… wish you a life full of dreams and love.


Jordan Gonzalez

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