A Winter In Sweden

Winter Time

Am currently living in Sweden and I had the chance of feeling a couple of winters. In Mexico I had never see snow before, so I can say this is a great experience, of course looking at the snow is one thing and feeling the minus cold is another.



How It Feels

It is a memorable experience, when December is coming and we start to feel the Christmas spirit the heart get warm even if is cold outside, everyone is exited buying Christmas present, then new years eve´s come and is a lot of party  and quality time with the family, this time is busy and I literally don’t care so much about how cold it is, all though been a summer boy winter is a big deal for  me.




Short Days Long Nights

This was a new thing for me, I think is really cool, in the middle  of the winter is almost  5 hours of day life then the rest is dark  and you wake up and is night you go to bed and is night, the time is perfect for staying in bed all the time.

Sunny winter day
Ice river
Winter sunset


What To Do In Winter

It is lot of things to do in winter like ice skate but of course I am not good at anyone of them but is always fun to try.

What most people do in Sweden is travel during winter time, after new years everyone go to warm places like Thailand or Mexico, is not like winter time is so bad, is just that the body needs some D vitamin.




Romantic Snow

I think snow is beautiful and romantic, you can play with, make snow angels and take pictures, the only thing I find a little annoying is that  we have to wear big clothes all the time and cover all the body and the sexiness disappear, I try to look sexy in winter but not always work.



I had to do this before I die


I hope everyone is enjoying winter time around the world and again  thanks for passing by and checking my blog, it means the world to me.

With love…

Jordan Gonzalez

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