Once In Thailand

Magnificent Places

This trip was back in 2015 after feeling what is like the Swedish winter going to the beach and sun was one of my biggest relieves mostly because I am a summer boy.

I think any place in the world where I haven’t been will be beautiful to me, but Thailand is over impressing mostly for the white sand in the beach and the imposing nature.

Phi phi Island
Phi phi Island


Somewhere in Koh Lanta
Phi phi Island

Big Buda In Phuket

This incredible architecture is in the top of a mountain in Phuket, so we took a taxi that drive us all the way up, there is little babies elephants that pose for pictures with  tourist and is hard to see how humans are so cruel against this animals.

But anyway when we got to the top all the ladies most cover themselves so the priests that live there don’t get any impure thoughts and commit mental sin, I think you can commit more sins when you wonder what is like when you see less.

Big Buda Phuket
Buda Temple
Getting the blessing
Religious items

Back-crashing Massage

One of the best things to do in Thailand is take a massage, right in front of the beach, they have types of. I took some Thai coconut massage, the lady took me and crash my back so many times that I thought she was mad, but she wasn’t and when she finish was no sing of stress at all.

Massage time
Massage ladies


Romantic Sunsets

Every night you can see the sun coming down in the horizon, for me is heavenly romantic, is like a background God send us to enjoy with our loved ones, and so, our souls can connect better.

Phi phi Island
Koh lanta

Time for The Sea

The sea looks just like in the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean and is like a 100 different island around to visit, we went to one that was full of Chinese tourist, they are kind of funny because they don’t take the sun instead they bring big umbrellas and cover their all body, not bikini at all, they say been brown is sing of low social class.

26856790_1922469874434694_1080826149_n (1)

Taxi boat
Thai guide
Thai fish
Nap time

Tourist Time

Life goes so fast there, every day is busy with activities or drinking thai beer, or snake tequila shot (that test nasty). Thai people are super friendly they like to take you in their moto taxi everywhere they charge a couple of baht (thai money), and they also try to sell you a lot of fake stuff that cost nothing.

We were out every night eating good food and partying as usual, everywhere is full of tourist and everyone is friendly even the local ladyboy.




Snake tequila shot


This is the most spice food I have ever eat




Thank you for passing by I hope you enjoy it.

Jordan Gonzalez


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