Once In Oslo

First Trip By Myself

This was the first trip I made by myself back in 2016, I was going alone to stay in an Airbnb room, I was scare, my thinking was “shit I am going to spend my days all alone in this city”. But everything happen just that I was never alone.

Cancun, International Airport.

As soon I arrived my dedicated hostess was waiting for me at least 3 hours, I took the wrong tram at least 5 times before getting to my destination, I got desperate but then I met the lady how owns the Airbnb and everything change, she was super funny and easy going, we got to the room and  it was alt least 5 more travelers with almost same history as me, living at the same house.

As a good Mexican I always bring tequila to my trips so after a couple hours we were all drunk and happy, there was when I realize that traveling alone was one of the best decision of my life.


Tourist Time

My first day in Oslo was cold and rainy, the end of the summer sometimes is like that, but that doesn’t stop my new friends and I to explore around.

Oslo is a beautiful city, it has so much history and Is always full of tourist, people seem to be really nice and open mind and for me all around smell wealth since Oslo is one of the most expensive city in the world.

Naked sculpture
Thor Weapon
Opera house


Small World

When I was living in Mexico I had the great opportunity of meeting people from all over the world and back then I thought I will never see them in my life again, but life is crazy and the world really small. I feel so fortunate of having such amazing people in my life, even if we did not took picture together everyone is in my hearth.

Adoptive Sister
Norway Brotherhood
Sister, Tourist Guide

About Getting Drunk In Oslo

I get drunk kind of fast so in Oslo is a good thing because the alcohol is 5 times more expensive than Mexico, I heard that before, but I wasn’t sure until I saw it, it is 100% true.  But in somehow, I was drunk every night, even do the bars and clubs close early during the week even on weekends.

Mexican tequila, Norway price.


I enjoyed Oslo meet a lot of cool people, visit gay bars, talk to strangers, even dance salsa latinos are everywhere, party a lot and took a couple of pictures.

Down Town
Down Town
Opera House


Norway Palace


Ready for war
Somewhere in Oslo
Mini something
Oslo Norway

Thank you for passing by and I hope one day destiny bring us together so we can say hi.

With Love..

Jordan Gonzalez

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