A New Year´s Eve in Sweden

Celebration Time

Sweden is a rich country in traditions and culture and in the end of the year there is celebration almost every day, starting with Christmas which is extremely family time, there is presents everywhere and so much shopping.

Swedish shopping mall

New Year’s Eve

Everyone is eating dinner with the family out in a restaurant or at home, this day people are happy eating and drinking. The last days of the year the only store that sells alcohol in Sweden have a queue sometimes 20 meters outside the store, is not a secret that Swedish people drink a lot of alcohol.


Time To Party

New years eve for me (a crazy Mexican)  is about party and drinking tequila, but in Sweden the champagne test better, maybe because is so cold, so we watch the fireworks  that are not different than any other part in the world and the night start.

Swedish fireworks
Mexican fireworks

YOLO (You Only Live Once)

At this time of my life New Years eve is so important and can’t even think about going home and sleep early, maybe after some years. Because for me the fact that I have survive one more year meet lots of cool people and spread love all over is an unquestionable reason to celebrate.




New Year’s Resolutions

As 2017 past it took all with it, if I look back then at 2017 plans, some of them  were just words and don’t matter anymore because is not an easy work to know what is really important for us until  we try to do those things, but there are some goals that still matter and more than ever, like fitness and health, money and power and the strong desire of moving forward in life.

We have different goals for 2018 and been honest we not always make them reality, but we need to try with the hearth and spirit, because is the only way that will help us to reach an all-new level of awareness that can make our life richer happier and full of wonderful experiences.




Thank you for passing by, my wish is that trough my life and my words you find some motivation to live, to love and enjoy every second of this beautiful life.

Eternally in love with  life….

Jordan Gonzalez

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