Why 2017 Was An Amazing Year

1-  Elon Musk The Main Hero Of 2017

I think we are all agree that Elon Musk has been the big hero in 2017, hate or love him  he has change the way we see reality, from revolutionize the car industry with his company «Tesla Motors»,  accelerate the process of colonization of Mars trough «Space X» and making a faster and better transportation with «The boring company».


Why Is This Great For The Humanity?

With his idea of making accessible electric cars to the masses we are accelerating the transition to a 100% renewable energy to keep our planet clean from fossil fuels and so on put our planet one step back to the climate disaster, this situation has make that countries like China, Norway, France and many others establish a dead line to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Tesla Model 3 cars are seen as Tesla holds an event at the factory handing over its first 30 Model 3 vehicles to employee buyers at the company’s Fremont facility in California


Right now, many countries have their own project to put electric and self-driving cars in their streets, for me this is really exciting I am 100% sure that it will take less than 5 years until we can take a flying taxi.



Mars Colonization

Space X has ambitious plans about space exploration, it makes me think that I will be able to go to the moon as a tourist in less than 10 years, they have revolutionized the space industry making space expeditions cheaper, faster and safer, imagine that soon we going to answer so many question about our solar system that in 6,000 years of written history we haven’t been able to answer.



Faster Transportation

Musk is also working in a tunnel that will fix the traffic problem in LA, his plan makes so much sense that the boring company has already start with the work, this is a very sophisticate project, the tunnel is made it to support high speed such as Hyperloop technology, and Musk has said; It would travel between New York and Washington DC in just 29 minutes.


It is actually to much to write about musk projects and their benefits for the humanity that will probably take  more than 1,000 pages.


I have great respect and admiration for Elon Musk because he doesn’t care if the odds are against him if it is a problem to solve in the world he just starts working and never give up.

this is elon

2- Markets All Time Highs

The S&P 500 INDEX that is an American stock index based in the market capitalization of the 500 most prominent American companies having a common stock listed in NYSE or NASDAC, because of its diverse constituency and weighting methodology it is considered one of the best indicators of the U.S stock market and the wealth of the U.S. economy.

Source: Yahoo finance

At the time I write this it has reach all times highs levels showing us that the world is positive and getting richer, people have jobs and are spending lots of money, we don’t know how the economy will perform in 2018 but during 2017 it was a glorious bullish market.

3- Unemployment Reach Record Low Levels

Unemployment in Germany dropped to 5.6% in September, its lowest level since reunification, jobless rates in japan, Hong Kong, the U.S., Israel , the U.K. and Portugal among others countries, hit 15 years lows.

market 1
Source: Bloomberg

4- Jeff Bezos Become The Richest Person In The World, Leaving Bill Gates Behind 

With Amazon, the biggest retail website in the U.S. among his other investment Jeff Bezos has become the richest man on earth, focusing strictly in customer real satisfaction, Bezos has taken Amazon to the sky with every share trading at $1,180,00 making shareholders extremely richer.

market 2
Source: Bloomberg

5- The Blockchain Technology Surprised Everyone

Is a new way of store and record transactions being very much like a traditional data base but the blocks are link together cryptographically in order to make sure they are tamper proof.


Blockchain technology was invented in 2008 to create a digital currency. I believe this technology will have a huge impact on the way our society runs, the way our government runs and the way we interact each other not just in economic or financial transactions but in our daily life. Experts says that blockchain technology is at least at significant as the development of the internet, if the internet bring us instant digital communication then the blockchain technology will bring us instant digital asset transfer and security of data moving.

Blockchain , Distributed ledger technology , bitcoin concept. Electric circuit graphic and infographic of Block chain , network connect , security , binary coded icons.

With efficiency, confidentiality, security and trust blockchain could slash the cost of transactions and reshape the economy.

6- The Boom Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

Backed with the blockchain technology 2017 was an intense year for the cryptocurrency world, with Bitcoin in the front with a market capitalization of $247,580,741,660 billion followed by Etherum with $73,843,836,749 billion of market cap. Is been a big revolution in the way we spend money, many millennials have become millionaires in the process while others have lost a fortune, but in the end what really matters is that we are facing one of the biggest step into the future in all history of humanity.


7- Looking Into The Future

Is been many greats things achieved in 2017 to talk about: like discovering a way to edit the genes, this discovery open the door to the possibility of cure hereditary disease that until now still incurable, and why not to mention the incredible advances of artificial intelligent, that is coming to be a part of our daily life improving the way we work and live, but sadly its going to replace many professions and people will have to learn to make a living in a work industry dominated by machines.


I am also impressed with the virtual reality project  that Facebook is developing, it can be so cool to be able to hangout with your friends around the world using only glasses.


Among other things one of the most beautiful is the way humanity is moving forward technologically but also spiritually, is like an awakening where we are more aware of our human nature and we are understanding that we have to be together and really accept our differences to evolve as a society to create a world full of happiness and peace, this environment can lead us to answer question that until this days still a mystery.



Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

With Love

Jordan Gonzalez

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