My Jungle Life In Mexico

Where It All Began

I was born and raised in a little ranch in south Veracruz, Mexico. We are four brothers two boys and two girls, when I was 8 years old I start the elementary school me my brother and my cousins walk one hour to the closest little village where it was the school one hour go and one hour back every day until I was 12 years old.

At that time we didn’t think about how poor and bad life we had because we didn’t know if other people somewhere else had it better, we only talk about how rich we was gonna be when we grow up even do we didn’t really understand what been rich means.

Here I studied elementary school, Xochitlan, Veracruz.
The way to the school
Everyday landscape

My Childhood

We didn’t have TV but we had one radio so me and my brother listen same station every night while we look at the stars and try to count them, our day was like waking up 6:00 am milk out the cows we had to make cheese and sell it, then at 7:00 am we start our way to the school to be there at 8:00 am. We come back like 4:00 pm and we separate the son of the cows so we find milk the next morning.

Every Sunday I ride a mule to the little village and sell the cheese we have made during the week and buy food for the next week, like this for a couple of years until my father come from United States where he was working to buy more cows  and another ranch.

Cow friend
My brothers and the mule
Brother hood
Mexican cow
Jungle style

Food From The Nature

We use to go and fish in the little river. That fish was fresh and tasty really different at the ones we eat now, our diet was mostly things we produce like cheese rice, beans, corn and other vegetables and fruits, and the tangerines and coconuts that my brother and I stole from the grandfather’s farm.

River where we use to fish
Fish of the day
Mama food
Papa and coconuts
Jungle style

The Way Up

I been blessed of growing up in a family that love and protect each other and even if we didn’t have so much, we were always happy, our hearth and spirit is always up, we laugh and motivate each other to get the best of life.

After some years we move from the ranch to the little village then I move to the city for a while and after some years I move to Sweden, my parents sold the ranch and move to another state, they  bought a new ranch a new house and more cows, but everything is more fancy now, we don’t make cheese to survive and we go to the ranch in a car, life has change I suppose is for the good, we always try to move forward  as Bill Gate says “If you are born poor it is not your fault. But if you die poor it’s your fault”

Brother hood
Family time
Ridding time
Cow friend

Life is the most wonderful adventure, our work is simple… Find the way that lead us to victory, where all our dreams come true.


Eternally in love with life…

Jordan Gonzalez

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