Why I Will Never Regret Visiting Marbella

Little Piece Of Heaven

When I travel I always want to go to places that are different for me, in culture, language, continent, etc. So I was never really excited about going to Spain since they speak Spanish as me. But I ask to myself;  What do I lose if I go there? The answer… “nothing” so I joint an amazing group of positive people that go there every year to attend a big event that bring entrepreneurs and dreamers from all Europe, that was cool.

I was extremely surprise the first day  I got there, is amazing, the food the people, the weather everything.

Beach meditation
Apartment view
Old town, Marbella, Spain.
Way to Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain.

Sangria Everywhere

This is a traditional Spanish drink made with red wine, brandy, orange juice, apple skin, brown sugar, ice and other fruits, you can find it mostly in every restaurant around.

We land in Malaga airport and we take a shuttle bus to Marbella, the weather was nice, so we went to a restaurant in the beach, there was when I drank sangria for the first time, when I saw it I though didn’t test good but after I drink, I found it glorious.

Before dinner
Authentic sangria

The Food Is Extremely Impressive

I personally love met, I have a really hard time becoming vegetarian even do I had tried many times, but when you are in holidays in Spain the diet really doesn’t matter because you can’t resist the temptation of the well-cooked lamb combined with a fruity glass of red wine, beer sangria or whatever you feel like, then come the irresistible desert, and at the end feels like the stomach has experiment the biggest orgasm ever.

Dinner time
Some Spanish dish that I don´t remember the name
Dessert time
See food and sol

Outside Work Out

And if you don’t want to lose the six-pack you can always find an outside free gym every 200 meters around the beach.

Old Town, Marbella
Old Town, Marbella

The Adventures Never End

Is so much places to see and to much food to eat that two weeks aren’t enough, from exploring the neighbor towns up in the mountains Nerja and Frigiliana and visiting horses in a local ranch in Cala de la Mijas.

Puerto Banús, Marbella.
Beach time
El balcon de Europa, Nerja, Spain
Little horse
Big horse
Frigiliana, Spain
Frigiliana, Spain

 Life time memories

Is nothing to regret about Marbella, people with good energy, the weather was perfect we got some color, we eat good, we take pictures and of course a little party.

The worst thing is that the time always go faster in holidays but is the end  of the trip, not the end of the life so see you in the next adventure.

Always time for meditation
El balcon de europa
Lunch in Nerja, Spain
Marbella, Spain
Margaritas everywhere
Puerto Banús
NOTE: Thank you for passing by, and if you see your picture here or in any other post in my blog is because at some point of our life we hangout, and I want to tell you I really enjoy it and it means a lot to me, I hope you don’t mind.

Eternally in love with life…

Jordan Gonzalez

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