6 Reasons For What You Should Never Visit The Mexican Caribe

  • 1. Is Never Enough Time

There is to much places to see either is a park, beach club, island or some old city from the Mayan civilization. the Mexican Caribe is a place where the time just doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter if you go for pleasure, business, family trip or you just wanna party and get some color, is like going just to realize that is time to fly back home.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Tulum, Mexico.
12485891_10153137840117000_4825960666104820716_o (1)
Temple of the goddess Ixchel,  Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Tulum, Mexico.
Snorkeling with turtles, Akumal, Mexico
Isla mujeres, Mexico
Zip lines, Xplor park,  Mexico

2. You Will Become Food Addicted

The food is extremely addictive, from tacos, enchiladas, spicy quesadilla, even cow meet in all its expression sided with the infamous guacamole and salsa picante!

There is no limit of flavors and style in Mexican food, every region has their own way to make food, but in the Caribe you can find everything, this is because the people that lives there come from all over Mexico.

5ta Av. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Local restaurant, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

 3. You Will Also Fall In love With The Party

The Mexican Caribe is a place where you can party every day 24/7, and you can find any type of club from the hippie bar in the corner to the must fashionable nightclub in the hearth of town, is just like going to a little Vegas in the beach, even if you come alone it wont take more than one night and you will find yourself around completely amazing estrange people from all over the world.

From the first step you put in to the discotheques area you will see a group of happy brides disguised with playboy outfits ready to kill the night, and is impossible to not look at the impressive group of blonde Scandinavians that share the common goal of having fun and party like is no tomorrow.

A Mexican discotheque.
12 street, Playa del carmen, Mexico
Night out
Taking shots in the street

4. You Will Get More Tan Than You Expect

The first day is the most exiting one, everyone goes to the beach and enjoy the sunshine but at the end of the day you realize that you are a little over brown and you can look like a well cooked lobster, then the next days you will see your precious skin fall out from your body to be replace it with the desirable summer color.

Local bar
Riviera Maya, Mexico.

5. You Will Find Yourself Dancing Salsa Almost Everyday

This is because mostly any bar around play salsa at some point, and is almost impossible  not to join the locals with their every day routine of dancing salsa, it can be in the park in the beach or club, and it wont take long time until you find a handsome partner that teach you everything and make your hearth happier enjoying the Caribbean music.

Salsa time
Dancing time
Sensi bar, Playa del Carmen

6. You Will Get Heart Broke When You Have To Say Goodbye To The Amazing People You Will Meet

This is the hardest part, because from the first day you get there you will meet people from all over the world that are also open mind and living the life, they become your party friends and for some reason that I still do not understand many of my greater friendships come for party times.

Two weeks seem like a short time to get close to people but when you are having fun your emotions are moving like crazy and who knows maybe you meet the love of your life.

Taco restaurant
Local salsa bar
5ta av. Playa del Carmen
5ta Av. Playa del Carmen
Adoptive mother
Note: Thank you for passing by, and if you see your picture here or in any other post in my blog is because at some point of our life we hangout, and I wanna tell you I really enjoy it and it means a lot to me, I hope you don´t mind.

Eternally in love with life…

Jordan Gonzalez

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